Hi, I am Dr. Mukta Chauhan!


I started my career as an orthopedic PT over 15 years ago in New Delhi, India. To pursue higher education, I moved to the US and received advanced training in Functional Manual Therapy from the Institute of Physical Art (IPA). This training helped me tremendously to treat my patients using the ‘whole body approach.’ But, I soon realized that there was a missing link that was preventing me from offering holistic care to my patients. Learning about the pelvis was THAT missing link!

I took hundreds of hours of painstaking, specialized trainings in the field of Pelvic Health to finally become a certified Pelvic Health Specialist, and I am among the very few PTs in the US with a double board certification in both Orthopedics and Pelvic Health. This dual training has allowed me to understand the body at a much deeper level, and to offer better treatment and care to my patients. 

As soon as I started working in the world of Pelvic Health, I saw the extent to which my patients’ thoughts and beliefs, their social atmosphere, and their lifestyle choices affected their overall health. It was then that I realized that no amount of bio-medical focus alone, focusing on just on their ‘tissues,’ was likely to yield the positive outcomes both my patients and I were looking for. This motivated me to dive deeper into the world of neuroscience. I took several courses in Pain Science and other healing modalities such as Craniosacral therapy and figured out some innovative ways in which I could bring individualized care to my patients, nurturing their entire ‘bio-psycho-social’ sphere.

I also recently completed the Pelvic Health Sexuality Counseling Program which helped me gain a deeper insight into various aspects of human sexuality, which can be easily medicalized in our current system. With this training, I can help my clients feel empowered by not only navigating their medical issues affecting their sexuality but also helping allay their concerns related to sexual health, relationships, intimacy, and personal identity.  

I am also thrilled to bring Somatic Experiencing to my practice in the coming year.

So if you are someone with bladder, bowel, sexual dysfunctions, or pelvic pain, then let’s work together… I would be happy to help!


I am a huge advocate of Pelvic Health for everyone, and offer community education on various platforms to squash the stigma and dispel old-fashioned myths and beliefs around pelvic and sexual health.

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